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Property in Northern Cyprus
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Northern Cyprus
Real Estate
Direct from developers without mediators
Officially registered agency
Established in 2019

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Best offer — July
£ 420 000
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£ 67 900
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£ 220 000
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£ 127 000
1 ROOM Olive court 2 RESALE
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£ 140 000
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£ 66 000
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£ 90 000
Studio Bahamas Homes RESALE
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£ 470 000
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Why Northern Cyprus?

Cyprus is called “a corner of the earth that looks like paradise” and, to be honest, this is not an exaggeration.

In this unique corner of the Mediterranean, summers are long and hot, the sun shines for 320 days every year, and winters are mild with little predictable rain!

Over thousands of years, many civilizations have left their mark on the development of this island. Cyprus is a precious find, a mysterious land of ancient gods and goddesses

320 sunny days a year. Most favourable climate for your health
Visa-free entry. Obtain a residence permit in 21 days
100% no crime and corruption
Greatest ecology
The price of the finished 2-room apartment starts from £69,950. Rent - from 500 pounds / month
Living expenses - about 500 euro/month
Start of Sales
£ 150 000
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£ 339 000
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£ 57 700
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£ 264 000
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Reviews from our Clients

Wonderful tour!

Mix of magical views, positive emotions and the goodies of the holiday, and productive work on the search new home. Everything went in a comfortable friendly atmosphere, at the same time, clearly and punctually, in accordance with agreements.

A very important moment for meit was that Anastasia heard our wishes and implemented them, choosing the best option real estate.

A nice bonus was the partial compensation for extra days.


I remember my first timid message “Anastasia, hello, I want to know if there are options for investment apartments …” ‚ and that was just the beginning of the great story

Thank you for your sincerity, honesty, competence!!

I know that this is only the start of our cooperation in the long term, because TRUST in you is very valuable! I know, that I can designate a budget and deadlines and you will do everything for me in the best possible way!

Veronica N.

Anastasia, I want to THANK TO THE UNIVERSE once again that our paths have crossed

I am immensely grateful to you for every deal we’ve made

Back in September 21st, I did not think that I would become the owner of two apartments of my dream in CYPRUS, that’s just unbelievable!!!

Thanks for your sincerity, honesty, competence!! I know that this is only the beginning of our cooperation in the long term, because TRUST in you is very valuable! I know that I can set a budget and deadlines and you will do everything for me in the best possible way!


Albina K.

Ekaterina, good afternoon 

I’m leaving soon and I want to express my gratitude on the outcome of the visit to Northern Cyprus **

Amazing experience, high level service, nice to feel like a customer,  personal attention and solving all emerging issues right away 

Your team are doing a great job, we, clients,  do not see it, but we get the result, this is the perfect result of the deal

The most important thing is that being in a foreign country on the island there is a guarantor of your safe stay on the island, this is important!!!

I am glad that I made the right choice of the agency: a high level of service, qualifications, presentation and a warm attitude on your part 

Care and attention, pleasant meetings and they are not standard: 5-star hotel, restaurant and communication!”

I’m glad that I’m with you: thank you, thank you, thank you

I was glad to meet your Katyushas (managers), ​​they are lovely.

Elizaveta is smart, was able to inspire me, prepare and provide all the information for me personally, led the deal from the beginning and before arrival 24/7.

I really look forward to my loved ones becoming a part of this project!

Anastasia S.

We were looking for real estate investment proposals. Cyprus attracts because of  its climate, nature and price offer.

The final point was a study tour that was beyond all our expectations!

Firstly, we were convinced of the expediency of acquiring apartments as an additional source of income, we understood the price market for Cyprus.

Secondly, we looked at the already built apartments, the infrastructure of the complex, the distance from the beach and what is available in nearby cities.

Thirdly, having visited the island, we were convinced that this would be a place for us, where it would be pleasant to return!

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the whole team: they helped us form the documents for departure, conclude an agreement with

a developer and notary, the girls were always in touch, did not leave us for a minute

Special thanks to Catherine! She accompanied us throughout the trip: drove around the island, talked about local places, introduced to the traditional cuisine. Helped us to form an understanding about Northern Cyprus and what can be done here. It is simply impossible to remain indifferent after such a reception!

Thank you for your dedication, customer service and competence! We fell in love with Cyprus, bought a property in Caesar and are very happy about it.

We wish everyone to fly in, get to know the island better and make their dreams come true 

Elizabeth A.

There are cases when it is necessary to make a vital decision in a very short time and without having enough information at all. So it happened in my life. Under the influence of external weighty factors , I had to look for housing in another country .It is far from easy to find a place alone in an unfamiliar country with ignorance of the language, which should become your home in the near future. Chance brought me together with Alexandra. A sensitive girl with a pleasant voice. She invited my son and me to visit Cyprus to explore the island.
The guys met my son and me in a family way. We organized accommodation and leisure. Every day was scheduled by the hour. Excursions, viewings, meetings, schools. We were offered to consider different options, gave comparative characteristics, told about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular object, answered all questions of interest, accompanied during inspections.I would especially like to mention those guys who have always been there.

Anastasia. A highly qualified specialist who courteously and informatively performed her actions to carry out the necessary measures, competently carried out the process of completing the transaction.

Alexandra. A sensitive and sympathetic man who knows his business perfectly. Promptly responded to requests, booked hotels, booked tickets,transfers, was in touch 24/7.

Anton, regardless of his time, drove us around the area and objects, turned out to be an unsurpassed guide, a friendly and polite person. I express my great gratitude and appreciation to these decent and caring people!


What a pleasure to work with a team of true professionals! Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, which gives confidence and a clear understanding that you are in good hands. We were pleasantly surprised by the apartments, fully furnished for living, with a view of the sea and the opportunity to admire the magical sunsets of the island. The viewing review of the island made it possible to orient and understand how the developers work, deal with the specifics and, as an addition, a personal meeting with a representative of the developer’s company, discarded all the questions that were at that time. Personal acquaintance with Anastasia put an end to the already at the moment of any ghostly doubts. I clearly understood that in your team, decisions are made on the basis of analytical research and understanding of real estate market trends. Of course, a 3-day viewing tour and personal acquaintance is a very important factor in making decisions. Of course, we are with you and look forward to a long-term cooperation.

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Why Us

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Free* 4-6-day Northern Cyprus viewing tour
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Our company is the official subsidiary of the international licensed real estate agency SERENE-PROPERTY
Operating on the market
1 000+
In our portfolio
200 000€
For each deal we issue an insurance certificate for up to 100 thousand pounds
120+ satisfied customers from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Italy, Canada, America, Turkey and other countries
Today we work for our clients in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Norway

Our Team

Sergienko Anastasia
Company owner
Languages: EN RU
Conducted more deals in total of 1,6 billion rubles. 12-year experience in sales.
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Aleksy Markielewicz
Real Estate Sales Specialist
Languages: PL
Select a property : for investment and relocation
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Elizabeth Poteychuk
Real Estate Sales Specialist
Languages: UK RU
10-year sales experience.
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Galimova Tatiana
Real Estate Sales Specialist
Languages: RU
Sales experience is more than 5 years.
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Alexandra Shkolnikova
Real Estate Sales Specialist
Languages: EN RU
More than 5 years of sales experience.
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Zotov Artem
Real Estate Sales Specialist
Languages: RU
Sales experience 10 years. He will select real estate for investment and for life on the island.
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Alexandra Komakina
Head of Sales Department
Languages: EN RU
18 years in sales. Expert in the financial sector, banking sector and stock market.
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Julia Kosobuko
Real Estate Sales Specialist
Languages: RU
Sales experience over 5 years. Practicing real estate investor.
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Veronika Riabinina
Real Estate Sales Specialist
Languages: DE EN RU
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Write to us in Telegram or Whatsapp. We will advise you on all issues and help you choose the best properties in Northern Cyprus to meet the necessary requirements


With an EU passport and a British passport, you can travel from one part to another every day and use any airport on any part of the island.

If you are a holder of a Schengen Visa, then the border between states can be crossed without problems, but you need to fly out of the part of the island where you originally arrived.

If you came to the UK through Turkey and you do not have Schengen or Bulgarian, Cypriot, Croatian, Romanian visas, but just a passport of one of the CIS countries, then they will not let you into the southern part, since this is the EU territory. In order not to irritate the border control of southern Cyprus in the future, you can put a stamp on arrival in the UK on a special form, and not in your passport. Visiting the the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus does not threaten you with any future restrictions on obtaining a Schengen visa or visas of other countries.

For sure! For example, some of the most popular are “The English School”, “The American College Girne”, “The Necat British College”

And since Northern Cyprus had close cultural ties with Britain, many private schools teach according to the British system in English and in most cases the teachers are native speakers.

The price of the apartments does not include the following additional expenses which are very important to consider when choosing real estate:

VAT 5% of the property value – this tax must be paid after signing the transfer acceptance certificate, the payment term is most often regulated by a year after receiving the keys and signing the act

TITLE 3% of the property value – registration of ownership of the part of the land on which your apartments are built (this payment also most often needs to be made during the year)

TRANSFORMER FEE – payment from 1000 GBR to 3000 GBR, payment for connecting communications, the number depends on the value of the property and on the construction company

STAMP DUTY 0.5% + 40 GBR of the value of the property is a state duty that is paid upon registration of the contract (i.e. making an initial contribution of 30%)

It is important that the real estate agency work officially with buyers (it must be registered with the Association of Realtors) and pay 16% VAT when making a deal. In general, the best guarantee of the honesty of a deal is its complete officiality. Of course, there are individuals who can be trusted and even save on taxes, but then nothing protects you, except for the decency of the intermediary and a lucky break, which, in the best case, will lead you to a reliable developer. But anything can happen, so be careful!

Instructions for Selecting Real Estate

Leave your phone number and we will send you instructions on the right selection of real estate in Northern Cyprus!


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    Property in Northern Cyprus

    In Northern Cyprus, the growth of the market for new buildings has been recorded for the last decade. In the secondary real estate market, transactions are complicated by increased risks due to the fact that part of the land remains in the ownership of Turkish Cypriots, who can lay claim to it. Therefore, the purchase of housing should be treated more carefully. Clients need to look only at those areas that do not have the status of controversial.

    Builder’s Choice

    Foreign investors can invest for passive income in the future or for personal living. The cost of housing in Northern Cyprus is formed from four factors:

    • The area of the premises, readiness for moving in, no need for further repairs;
    • Location, which is understood as a settlement and the availability of the necessary infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of housing;
    • Proximity to the sea;
    • The level of transport accessibility of the area.

    Northern Cyprus is different in terms of relief, degree of urban development and proximity to the sea. Buyers can be offered housing in a coastal or mountainous area. Some cities can boast of modern infrastructure, in other settlements apartments are offered at a relatively low price, but with a lower level of transport accessibility.

    Сommercial real estate

    In Cyprus, favorable conditions for doing business. Companies from all over the world come here, so they need commercial real estate. Therefore, some investors decide to buy part of the office building in order to rent offices to interested organizations. This method of earning provides a high level of passive income due to the ever-increasing value of real estate. There is only one drawback – to start, you need a significant initial capital.

    You can make money on residential real estate. To do this, you need to buy a house, apartment or other housing, then rent it out. As a rule, a large flow of potential customers is provided. The reason is the popularity of Cyprus as a tourist and business destination.


    As of 2023, experts record the popularity of housing in Kyrenia. For several years, the price of the same object has increased from about 40 to 75 thousand euros. Some buyers purchase housing for subsequent resale.

    For a while, the price drops. Therefore, buyers are advised to keep an eye on when a new property sale starts. This will help cut costs.

    In Kyrenia, the level of comfort of life is constantly increasing. Consequently, the area is recognized as one of the most promising for life, work and study.


    +90 548 875 04 90
    +443 300 27-00-75
    +371 670 79-414
    +7 701 006-56-63
    +7 495 145 32 12
    Girne, Özyalçin 192, office number 4
    Opening hours: 9 a.m. - 10 p.m. (excluding holidays)
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      THE VIEWING TOUR INCLUDES (4 days and 3 nights):
      Meeting at the Ercan airport (or in our office)
      Accommodation in a 5-star hotel on the first coastline
      Meals: breakfast and dinner. It is important for us to show you locality and get to know the cuisine and culture of the island)
      Sightseeing tours of the island, natutal and historical sights
      Acquaintance with the Developer. Overview of construction sites, attending of finished property objects
      Legal advice in our office
      The tour plan is made individually according to your request.
      You will also have free time to explore the island on your own.

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